Sunday, May 29, 2016

Astral Projection Experience - NO CHEATING!

I wanted to share an experiment that I performed last night with you all and the results that followed that experiment. The idea for this experiment originated with the fact that for as long as I can remember, anytime I am touched at the base of my spine while sleeping, I experience a surging, jolting sensation that runs up my spine, making me arch my back.  It is brief but intense.  Over the past couple of years as I have progressed with my projection practice, I have noticed that this jolting sensation originates from the same point as the vibrations. This got me to thinking that maybe this jolting sensation is caused by interaction with an energy center, and if that is the case, it made me wonder, what if I could interact with that energy center through some nonautonomous method while sleeping.  I have been mulling this idea over in my head for a long time now, but until last night, I never had a practical way of actually accomplishing this desired interaction.  I used my FitBit.

For those of you who are not familiar with this technology, it is a small computerized pedometer. One of the handy features of a FitBit is its silent alarm, which results in the FitBit vibrating so you can wake up without bothering anyone else. I thought, maybe I could use this device to interact with this suspected energy center at predefined intervals throughout the night. I started by removing the FitBit from its accompanying wristband and safety pinned it into an Ace Bandage, you know, the long wrap-like bandages that you use when you have a sprained wrist or ankle? I then wrapped the Ace Bandage around my waist, placing the FitBit right at the base of my spine. I then set four alarms. One for 12:30 AM, one for 12:45 AM, one for 1:00 AM, and then finally, at 1:15 AM. After that, the only thing left to do was to go to sleep and hope for a bit of magic.

The first alarm went off and it worked just as I had hoped it would. I got that familiar jolt up the spine. I remained still, evaluating my current state. I was still relaxed, and I found that I had a gentle tingling at the base of my spine. I mentally played with the sensation for a couple of minutes but was unable to intensify it or make any use of it so I went back to sleep.

Each subsequent alarm resulted in that same jolt up the spine, but with one distinct difference. The tingling sensation continued to build. By the fourth interval, it was more a buzzing vibration than a gentle tingling. It almost instantly built into the energetic rushes that precede the vibrational state. This vibrational state then converted into one of the most lucid, most vivid projections I have experienced to date. I believe the clarity probably was a result of the wide awake, and yet very relaxed state I was in. I am anxious to see if this energy center interaction consistently provides this level of clarity.

On to the projection.

As is my usual practice, I quickly headed for my bedroom door. When I reached my door a male voice behind me said in a soft sing-songy voice "You're Cheating!". I looked around and was unable to see the source of the voice, but I had no doubt as to what this meant. I had just reached this out of body state through no work of my own, but through a small computerized device, and whatever this voice was attached to, was making sure I knew, that he knew. I quickened my pace and headed down the hall. Just as I passed the bathroom, the voice came again. Still slightly sing-songy, but this time, more notably upset and far louder than the previous message. "YOU'RE CHEATING!". At this point, I broke into a run and ran down the stairs, turned the corner, and headed down the second set of stairs, trying to make a break for the garage.  As I reached this lower level of the house, I stopped and I could feel this thing right behind me. I felt its chin against my shoulder and felt its face brush against my cheek as it began to breathe heavily in my left ear. It then said in a loud, terrifying whisper, "YOU'RE CHEATING!". It then grabbed me around the waste. Looking down, I saw no arms, but could clearly feel them wrapped tightly around me. Muscular arms that I could not fight against. This entity then dragged me backward up both flights of stairs, down the hall, back into my bedroom, and then slammed me back into bed, reconnecting me with my body.  I woke to a pounding heart and pumping adrenaline. Try as I might, I could not relax sufficiently for the rest of the night to give it another go.

Needless to say, I will be continuing this experiment.  :)


  1. Sorry, you can't edit your comments (I should have previewed it first before publishing) I had a serious typo and deleted it. My original comment was this:

    Wow, you must have really annoyed someone! Have you tried it again with the Fitbit? Have you had any other occurrences like that? It seems odd that there's an entity watching you to see how you get out of your body for AP.

    1. I have tried the fitbit many times since then. It lost its effectiveness over time, but occasionally still works if I give it a good few months between attempts. It is odd. I have run into many other entities, but never one that wanted me back in my body so badly. :)

    2. Thank you! Your blog is

  2. Hi Enjoy your You Tube videos, but you haven't seen any new ones..

  3. Hi, I've just started reading this blog. Thank you for doing all of this work to benefit everyone interested in projecting. I am a respiratory therapist with a specialty license in sleep. I've been watching people sleep for over ten years and never thought twice about anything other than the science of sleep and what the body does but recently I've been going through my own spiritual journey and realize the mind/consciousness is not dependent on the physical body. Anyway, I'm going to try one of your ramp timer videos tonight and I had an idea I wanted to share. So, one of the leading brands in sleep therapy, Resmed, made an app that you run while you are sleeping and it's supposed to be able to detect your stages of sleep. I have used it but not at the same time as being hooked up to my actual sleep equipment to compare the accuracy but I feel like it's been pretty accurate based on how I felt like I slept. That being said I wish that someone could duplicate that app and specialize it for astral travelers to when it detects you are in REM sleep it would then vibrate or do something to arouse you just enough to come out of REM and then you are likely to get paralysis when falling back to sleep. Again since I'm just starting to read your blog maybe you have addressed this topic but if not I would like your thoughts on this. Or if you interested on developing something like this I would offer my help and knowledge on the sleep technology. I just don't know anything about how people make apps or whatever. Anyway, thanks again and sweet dream :)

    Jody Faye

  4. Wow, I used your timer today during a nap! It worked! After a year of listening to guided meditations and trying everything on YouTube this is the first time something worked! Thank you!

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