Friday, March 11, 2016

Viewer Questions #1 - Is Projection Scary or Dangerous?

Question: Is astral projection dangerous.

Answer: The short answer is "No". If that is enough for you, please enjoy the rest of your day.  If you would like more explanation, please feel free to continue reading. 

This is a question I have never personally asked, and I have always wondered why others do so. It has always seemed strange to me that something non-physical could even be considered even remotely unsafe.  There is absolutely no physical harm that can possibly befall you when you are projecting. You are as safe when you project as when you are just lying in bed asleep.

So, you might say, "no physical danger. Got it. What about non-physical danger? What if I can't come back? What about the severing of this silver cord I hear about? What about demons possessing my body while my soul is out gallivanting through the known universe?".  Here are some general thoughts on that.  Once you experience astral projection you will quickly realize that the challenge is not in coming back, but in staying out. The worry that you might get stuck out of body will quickly vanish.  The "silver cord" connecting the astral to the physical has been reported by many practitioners, but I have never personally seen it.  It does seem to be the general consensus, however, by those who have seen it, that it will only be severed at the time of death and you could not break it if you tried while you are in the out of body state.  That brings us to demons.  I am sure my answer will not be popular or satisfactory to some, but here goes.

There is no such thing as demons.

I am not a religious man, so if the previous statement caused you a twinge of annoyance and you internally threatened to stop reading my blog, forgive me. If it helps ease your mind a bit, Robert Monroe projected for 30 some odd years and was never possessed.  He was also not a religious man. The common thread that I have seen is that religious people tend to be more susceptible to seeing these things because, one, they believe in them, and two, the astral is a very thought-responsive place where your thoughts can quickly become manifestations. I would recommend approaching this endeavor with an open mind and a positive attitude. Optimism goes a long way in the astral.

Question: What are some of your scariest experiences in the phase?

Answer: There is no doubt, even knowing that there is no danger, the astral can scare the bejesus out of you. I will share my three most alarming, scary, and otherwise bizarre experiences that left my heart pounding.

1. I am lying in bed on my side, putting my body to sleep like I usually do at night before I let my mind drift off.  My body falls asleep as usual.  The familiar lead blanket works its way up my body. Nothing strange here.  Just the usual sensations.  My sight and hearing click off as usual shortly after the wave of sleep has reached my head. It precisely the moment when my ears shut off to the physical world that I start to hear footsteps crossing my carpet.  The side of my bed sinks down and I feel something or someone climbs into bed behind me.  This being wraps its arms around me and I feel the front of its knees pressing into the backs of my own.  This thing is spooning me. I am trying to keep cool, trying to keep my breathing steady, trying to just ride the experience out to see where it goes when all of a sudden, this creature takes its left arm off of me and reaches down from behind and starts pushing its hand between my legs towards my genitals.  That was enough.  I jerked out of my trance state, got out of bed, and didn't sleep much the rest of the night.  This thing did not feel inherently dangerous.  In fact, it felt more like it just wanted to be close to me, but it crossed a line and it was not a line I was prepared for it to cross.  This thing has never returned for a second encounter.  Perhaps it doesn't handle rejection well.

2. I am in a bed and breakfast in Ireland and I have just put my body to sleep. The vibrations begin surprisingly quickly, probably due to the level of physical exhaustion I am feeling after a couple of 20-mile hikes. The vibrations build in frequency until they are the familiar smooth hum that means it is time for me to get out.  I sit up in bed, looking at the beautiful light shining through the window and radiating off of everything in the room.  Motion to my right catches my eye and I look to the rocking chair that sits by the wall.  There is an old woman with cataracts yellow, blind-looking eyes rocking.  She notices that I am awake and with surprising speed, she moves toward me and stops with her face just an inch from my own.  With a jolt of panic, I lay back down into my body and end the experience.  Again, this did not feel like a dangerous situation, but another invasion of my personal space in an abrupt and unexpected manner.  Maybe she was near-sighted and she just wanted to get a better look at me.  I wish I would have had the courage to remain there.  I am sure we could have had an interesting conversation.

3. I get out of body through the usual method and I start to walk around my house.  I look into the bathroom as I walk passed and there is something moving on the floor.  As I take a closer look, it is a creature that looks like it is composed entirely of black static, almost like television static, but black. This creature was about two or two and a half feet tall and had no face.  Its head was shaped a little like a lopsided boomerang, and it's arms and legs came to points rather than hands or feet.  I stood there, staring at it, more curious than scared.  This was not a large creature and it was odd, but didn't really frighten me.  I walked over to it and quickly snatched it up by the neck.  Holding it at arms length, the hand I held it in started vibrating violently. This shortly resulted in a return to my body. What caused these vibrations?  Was this creature vibrating at a lower frequency than I was and that difference in frequency caused this sensation like two gears out of sync with their teeth grinding together? I would be interested if any of you have seen this little guy. Here is a poor artist's rendition of my little friend.

Have you seen me?


  1. Ha, yea, someone has recently told me "my understanding of astral projection is limited" simply because I stated I did not believe in succubi.

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