Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Vibrational State

I thought this would be a good time to introduce one of the most common and yet one of the most inexplicable and exciting parts of the Phasing process. This is known as the vibrational state.  This is a state that is commonly reported to occur just before the projection experience begins. I have been asked; "how do I know when I have reached the vibrational state?".  My answer to that is if you are not sure whether or not you have reached it, then you have not reached it.

Let me describe this state a little bit for you.  The first time I ever experienced this was when I was 13 years old.  I woke in the morning, completely immobile, locked in sleep paralysis, with the literal, very much physical feeling that someone was jabbing me in the lower back with an electric cattle prod.  This electrical current radiated from that point in my lower back throughout my upper body. I was terrified and struggling against this unseen force as hard as I could.  As I finally broke free from this state of paralysis, the vibrations faded and I was genuinely scared to roll over and find out what was behind me that had just put me through this ordeal.  When I did roll over, my room was empty. I was alone.  Completely stunned by what I had just gone through. This experience was to remain unexplained for another 20 years.

January of 2014, two decades after that first encounter with what would soon become my obsession, I finally discovered what had happened to me all those years ago.  As I made my first attempt to astral project I was hit once again in the lower back by what could have been a live power line. This was such an intense experience that as much as my curiosity urged me onward, anxious to see what would come next, there was a part of me that wondered just how long I could hang on in this current state. Just as I started to seriously consider breaking this state I had somehow achieved, a clearly audible male voice made it clear that it was now or never. This was the moment when I first left my body.  The instant I was free, there were no more vibrations; no more sound.  Just profound silence accompanied by the excitement of endless possibility.

To my knowledge, there is no scientific explanation for what causes these vibrations. Esoterically minded individuals might say that this is something like a Kundalini awakening; energy rising through the chakras (primary energy centers of the body). Robert Bruce's description of raising Kundalini actually matches my own experience with these vibrations almost perfectly; the energy building at the base of the spine and then erupting toward the crown of the head, resulting in a form of enlightenment.

At this point, I have no problem admitting that I don't know exactly what these vibrations are. Maybe they are the result of chemicals mixing together in the brain combined with a free-floating state of mind.  Maybe they are the result of an unseen serpent coiling its way through my central channel.  For now, all I know is what these vibrations are capable of and I have a moderately good idea of how to induce them, (assuming they are something that can be "induced").  There is a theory, again, more accepted by those who are esoterically minded, that these vibrations are always there. We are simply unaware of their existence during our day to day life. Imagine physical reality as a radio station. Now imagine that the next station over is the Astral. The vibrations would be the static between the two stations. All three states exist at any one point in time, but you only perceive the station your radio (consciousness) is tuned to. If we could, learn how to raise our energetic frequency, and change that station at will, holding onto that frequency somehow in the waking state, the vibrations or phase state could be experienced at any time.  Imagine for a moment, if this were true, the possibilities would be truly endless. In my current state, this seems like an impossibly lofty goal, but if one day I uncover the truth behind any of this, you will be the first to know.

Since my first phase experience two years ago, I have encountered the vibrations dozens of times.  Sometimes they are harsh and violent like I am holding onto the handle of a rattling chainsaw and other times they are like the pulsing vibration of a cell phone. Just as distinct, but higher in frequency and more comfortable to endure. Learning to not only accept these vibrations but anticipate and even enjoy them was quite a stumbling block for me. When I finally reached the point where I was no longer scared, my fear was replaced by excitement; an emotion equally detrimental to projecting.  The trick is to learn to quietly, optimistically wait for them with sort of a detached desire. Say to yourself "I don't care if the vibrations find me tonight", while internally holding onto your intention to achieve the desired state. When the vibrations do arrive, notice them as if you were noticing something out of your peripheral vision. Say to yourself, "oh, that's nice", and then simply relax into them.

Robert Monroe, in his book Journey's out of the body, instructs the practitioner to control the vibrations; to consciously direct them to various parts of the body, then to oscillate them from head to toe. Developing this skill is high on my to-do list, but as of yet, I can't say I have the required level of control.  After two years, all I can say is that I am finally to the point where I can remain calm while I passively enjoy the sensations. I simply let them do their work as I anticipate my next adventure.

I still have such a long way to go.

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  1. Is it normal for your physical body to twitch when in the vibrational state? My body hits the vibrational state without sleep paralysis making the whole thing impossible; is there a way around this so that I can get to sleep paralysis without physically vibrating out of my bed or running into the wall?