Friday, March 18, 2016

Meditating in the Astral

During my projections, I always try to have a plan.  Time in the astral is valuable and I want to be sure to use it to its full potential. This leads me to my latest experiment; meditation while out of body.

I left my body as I do, found a spot on the floor near my kitchen table, sat in the lotus position and closed my eyes. It all came with surprising ease. Reaching the void state that can require a great deal of preparation and effort int he physical was almost instantaneous.  I turned my attention inward, and almost immediately felt as if I were falling into myself. As that falling sensation intensified, I entered the vibrational state.  Feeling the vibrations once out of body is rare for me. As the vibrations intensified, I could feel my pounding heart and I began to feel the buzzing, phasing sensation building in my head.  

In the early days, I used to lose focus and react to the sensations that occur while trying to leave the physical body.  Just as I lost control in those days, I lost focus and control here and I was pulled back. I was not, however, pulled back to the physical.  I was pulled back to the astral.  I opened my eyes and there I was, still in the lotus position on the floor, next to the table.

I had a sudden epiphany. I was so excited by the prospect of what I had almost accomplished.  I was sure I had almost left my body; my astral body.  I closed my eyes once again and turned my attention inward, but my excitement and emotion, just as they have been detrimental in the physical, halted my progress now.

Shortly after, I was pulled back to the physical by my alarm.

I spent the day contemplating what I experienced. I have read many accounts that talk about the different levels of the astral and its various planes or realms. I have never experienced the astral planes in that context. Every one of my projections has resulted in a visit to a world that looks very much like the physical; what Robert Bruce calls "the real time zone". Could it be that projecting a second time when already in the phase could lead to a second exit and result in a visit to one of these astral planes or astral realms that I have read about?

I don't know, but I intend to find out. 


  1. It's only a matter of time before you start travelling beyond the RTZ. That may even become the bulk of your experiences if you find what is beyond much more exciting. I sure think this way, Robert did as well.

    1. I would love to get to this point. Robert's experiences seem to go on forever. I currently struggle with remaining out of body for even 10 minutes. That makes progress slower than I would like it to be. Any thoughts on extending my time out?

    2. I looked at your premature returns. They all seem to be different, odd inconvenient things but if you have a predominant kind of premature return I can help address that.

    3. Very true. They are all over the board. I will try to evaluate them for any similarities. Right now, the only similarity seems to be that I wish they would go on longer. :)

  2. I think Bob Monroe talks about leaving his second body in Far Journeys. He was out of body-out of body.