Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Astral Project #5 - Projecting From a Lucid Dream

I wanted to continue on with our "How to Astral Project" series. Today we will talk about projecting from a lucid dream, or converting a lucid dream into a projection. There may be several different ways to do this, but today I will share the method that I found works for me. This is the result of weeks of experimentation, trial, and error.

The method I have found to be most effective is to use a lucid dream as a springboard into using the Indirect Method. If you are unfamiliar with the Indirect Method, feel free to click the preceding link and review it in detail if you wish. I will, however, go ahead and just describe it briefly here so we can all start on the same page.

The whole idea behind the Indirect Method is that you want to catch the transition between asleep and awake, and take advantage of those early moments to turn your attention to projection and separation. The challenge for me here has always been that it is difficult to remember to immediately focus on separation while remaining completely still. Instinctively when I wake up, I tend to yawn, stretch, maybe scratch an itch, and then I begin thinking about my day.  By this time, it is too late to take advantage of the indirect method in most cases.

This is where lucid dreaming comes in. First, when you are having a lucid dream, your body is asleep, and your mind is awake and aware. This is requirement number 1 for projecting and it is already taken care of for you in this instance. You also have the added benefit of being able to plan out your projection and separation while still in the dream state. This prevents the risk of potential movement or stray thought interrupting your efforts upon awakening. This is what makes this such a great method of projecting, especially for those who either naturally take to lucid dreaming or have difficulty with some of the other projection methods.

Here is the process I go through to induce the projection.

  1. Prior to going to sleep, I set my intent to focusing on projection during any upcoming lucid dreams that night.
  2. I become lucid in my dream and I turn my focus to my plan of action, which in this case is to induce a projection.
  3. I decide upon an exit technique. For me, this is typically rolling out.
  4. I initiate the wakeup process in as slow, gradual, and controlled a manner as I can, all the while, performing my exit technique.
  5. As I shift from my dream state back to physical wakefulness, I continually roll like a log, over and over. At some point in the transition, this sensation becomes real and I find myself next to my bed on the floor.
This method takes advantage of the door to the astral still being propped open, however slightly, during the waking process. Your constant efforts to separate, help squeeze you through that door before it can close. If by chance, you miss your chance and the door closes, you still have the added benefit of a mind that has been focused continually on projection all the way from the sleep state. This greatly reduces the likely hood of accidental movement or stray thoughts interrupting your attempts at regaining the correct physical and mental state using the indirect method and cycling of techniques upon waking so you can push that door back open and roll out.

One more thing to mention, I have found that lucid dreams are a great training ground for things like gaining comfort with exit sensations. For example, from the waking state, it may take me 15 to 45 minutes to induce the vibrational state or the jet engine roaring sensation in my ears. In the early days, these sensations were so jarring that almost the instant they hit, fear, excitement, or anxiety would almost immediately ruin the state. At that point, I could either go through another 15 to 45 minutes to reinstate that process or more likely I would wait for another night. Due to the relaxed state of the body in a lucid dream along with what I imagine is a direct connection to your subconscious mind, I am able to induce exit sensations almost instantly while in a lucid dream just through simple intent. I will simply focus on kicking off the vibrations, and BAM! they begin. At that point, I will either remain in the lucid dream, explore the sensations and gain comfort with them, or I will allow myself to slowly regain consciousness, emerging from the dream state directly into waking vibrations. From there, I can again, remain in this state to gain familiarity with it, or I can practice raising their frequency, building their intensity, and practice my exit techniques.

Please let me know, how do you use a lucid dream to project? I would love to hear about your experiences.