Monday, May 23, 2016

Astral Projection Experience - Source of the Vibrations

I recently finished reading Explorations in Consciousness by Frederick Aardema and one of the things that he stated in his book that I found interesting is that vibrations exist outside of us at various points surrounding our bodies; to the left, to the right, to the front, to the back, above us, and below us.  This made me think of the writings of Robert Monroe where he instructs the practitioner to reach above their head 4 to 6 feet and pull the vibrations down into their head.  Frank Kepple talks quite a bit about raising your point of awareness up from behind your eyes and out the top of your head.  Could it be that he too was shifting his focus to this external vibrational energy source? 

I decided to experiment with this idea and to investigate the source from the out of body state.  At 2:30 AM, I woke up to my alarm as usual and spent the next half hour writing down my dreams in my journal. Around 3:00 AM, I laid back down on my back and began my practice of deepening to the void state.  The process moved quickly and easily.  The familiar energetic pulses built into the vibrational state and I enjoyed them for a good minute or two before sitting up to look around my non-physical room.

Upon sitting up, I recalled my plan of action.  I wanted to find the origin of the vibrations and see if they were visible to the non-physical eye when in this state.  I noticed that the portion of my body that was still in contact with the physical, from the waist down, was still vibrating pleasantly.  I experimented by laying back slightly and as I came back in contact with my body, the vibrations worked their way up my spine toward my head. Sitting back up, the vibrations faded once again from my upper body and remained light and comfortable in my lower half.

I began looking around for a visible source and the only thing I could see were two slightly pulsating large pill shaped objects next to each of my hands in bed.  They looked electrical or mechanical in nature like they were made of some sort of transparent metallic material. They pulsated from white to grayish purple. I looked up, to the front, and to the back, but there was nothing I could see that I would associate with electrical current or this energetic state. These two objects were all I could see. I experimented by touching one and intense vibrations shot up through my finger and radiated up my arm and into my neck. I jerked my hand abruptly away as though I had been shocked. It wasn't painful, but it was surprising. I reached down and took hold of both pill shaped objects, wrapping my fingers tightly around them and my entire body was filled with vibrations so intense that it felt as if my head was going to burst.  The noise was deafening and lights started popping in front of my non-physical eyes.  More and more frequently until I was just staring into a blinding white light and it was over. I was back in bed to contemplate what it all means.

Were these objects the source of the vibrations? Was I not supposed to come into direct contact with them when just being in the general proximity seems to do the trick? Are these energy points the same for everyone? I would suppose not since I saw nothing above my head as Monroe reports. Do these astral batteries move around and change position?  So much more exploring to do.

Let me know what you think.
Talk to you soon.


  1. Did you ever see the pill shaped things again?

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