Sunday, April 10, 2016

Astral Projection Experience (Astral Rain and Trying to Remember)

Immediately upon returning from my visit with Usha, I began using the Indirect Method to leave my body once again, hoping that by some chance I would be allowed to repeat this test of courage that I had just failed.  I wanted to sit there by Usha and let the rubble smash me just to see where that would lead. Unfortunately, I didn't make it back to that city.  On the upside, I was able to project.  I rolled out of body and landed in my room. As I do when I am out of body, I immediately turned my focus to the next item on my list of tasks I want complete or things that I want to experience. I have mentioned before that time spent in the astral is never enough.  Experiences tend to be short and never as frequent as I would like, so it is important to me that I spend the time out of body in a productive manner.

As I was reading through my dream journal last week, it occurred to me that I have never experienced any sort of adverse weather conditions while out of body.  I thought it would be really interesting to experience rain. To that end, I left my room, ran down my hall and into my living room.  I stood at my front door and before opening it, put all my intent into making it rain behind that door.  For those of you who have projected, you can confirm that the astral is very thought responsive. This is especially the case when dealing with places that are out of your line of sight; behind closed doors, around corners, etc. I swung the front door open and it worked. I had manifested rain. It was truly remarkable. I have always been amazed at how these things that I create take on a life of their own.  I could feel the humidity of the moisture coming through the screen door. I hadn't even thought of that. It was just there because that is what happens when it rains. I walked outside and looked at the sky, marveling at how lucid, solid, and intense the feel of rain on my face and body could make a projection.  

I looked around and there was a little boy smiling as he pushed dirt around with a toy bulldozer in the front yard. I should mention, this was not my front yard. I was in a lush green neighborhood with large lots. It looked like it could have been a mountain town or some place in the south. I watched the boy play for a bit and then I noticed a bush with pine needles on it off to my right. I decided it was time for one of my favorite things. If you have read my previous posts, you can probably guess where this is going. I grabbed a handful of pine needles and shoved them in my mouth. I chewed them and tasted the pine and the rough texture as the needles ran down my throat. 

Having completed my task I decided to go look for someone to interact with. I looked at the house next door, a large blue house with a red brick pillar that held up a wooden balcony which wrapped around the house, also serving as a front porch. I took the approach to travel that I love more than anything else, I jumped into the air and soared from the road across the front lawn, landing right at the front door. I then entered without knocking.

I began searching the house for people or some form of life. On my way through the kitchen, I decided to grab something else to eat. I opened the pantry and pulled out a bag of tortilla chips. I ate a few. They were crunchy, and salty, and had some kind of lime seasoning on them. They were delicious. I continued eating chips as I made my way through the house. Reaching the back bedroom, and still not finding anyone, I decided to leave the house and continue my search for life. Just as I was approaching the front door, I heard two voices. The voice of a small girl, blonde, maybe three or four years old, talking to her mother. They walked through the front door and their conversation stopped when they saw me standing in their living room.

The mother looked similar to the little girl. Slender, round face, straight light brown hair that dropped just passed her shoulders. What happened next is exactly the opposite of what I would have expected. Rather than scream at me to leave, or ask who I am, this woman ran to me and threw her arms around my neck and said: "I am so glad you are home!".  I just stood there, arms at my sides, confused, trying to figure out who this lady is why she is saying I am "home".  She recognizes that I am not returning her embrace and she pushes away, puts her hands on my face, and looks into my eyes.  She says "Whats wrong? Don't you remember me?". She has tears in her eyes and I can see that I am upsetting this woman. Not wanting to make things worse, I respond, "oh yes! Of course, I remember you!"

I should mention now, that there are no secrets in the astral. This communication, this conversation we are having is all non-verbal.  This is a sort of telepathy where words are shared through feelings, intent, and images. She knows that I am lying. She responds by hugging me tighter and by sending a barrage of images, and scenarios, and memories into my head; trying to do everything she can to help me both her and this house. I close my eyes, trying to focus on these images, doing my best to remember. As I review these images in my mind, I phase back to my body and it is over.

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