Sunday, April 3, 2016

Low Energy Projection

Let me start by saying that once you have projected a few times, you start to recognize the state of mind that is conducive to this sort of work.  Today was a good day. I was feeling incredibly positive and as I laid down to go to bed, I just knew that I was going to be able to project.  I could feel it. Physically I felt tired, but mentally, I felt a content, positive optimism.

I laid back and put my body to sleep.  I reached the void state and decided that I would just let the process progress on its own. After remaining in this state for what felt like 45 minutes or so, it was becoming clear that the process was not going to happen on its own tonight.  It was time to give it a little help.

I went through my usual process of riding my imagined roller coaster in backwards loops.  I almost hit the vibrational state over and over again, but just couldn't get it to start. I switched to my dot watching technique where I watch a dot move across the ceiling, down the wall, and under the bed, resulting in my doing forward somersaults.  Again, close, but I just couldn't get those dang vibrations to start.  I moved to a technique where I pulsate pressure in my head and got so incredibly close, but again, no cigar. Finally, I decided, maybe I had been wrong.  Maybe tonight was not the night after all.  I rolled over onto my side intending to go to sleep.

Almost immediately the rushes began; those little bursts of energy that shoot up through my head. I ignored them in just the right way and allowed them to continue. They sped up and built into the vibrational state as they always do, but this time, something was different. There was no accompanying noise. The vibrations were completely silent. The vibrations were rough and jagged feeling and after what seemed like far too long, they were still not building in frequency or smoothing out.  I tried through intent to help them level out and build into the familiar hum that means it is time for me to stand up, but they just remained harsh and jagged.

What felt like 10 minutes went by.  This is an incredibly long time for me to remain in the vibrational state. They started getting even more violent and I could feel the teeth in my mouth vibrating. I could see through my closed eyelids, but this time, the room wasn't lit by the familiar ambient light. Through the dark gloom, I could see my wife in the bed next to me. I just laid there, watching her sleep. Then suddenly, it was like watching a movie in fast forward and my wife grew old. Then she disappeared and she became a different young woman. That young woman grew old and became a young man.  He grew old and was replaced by another young lady. Finally, I, as I could see through my eyelids and the vibrations just didn't seem to be getting any smoother, I decided I was just going to get out.

I rolled out of bed and was surprised to find that I had no strength in my legs.  I fell to the floor and could barely keep my chest off the floor with my arms. The person in the bed next to me at that moment, whoever it was, grabbed my wrist and told me to come back to bed. That I wasn't ready yet. With help, I pulled my heavy body back onto the bed and reconnected with the physical body and was back.

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